Sunday, March 8, 2009

Music makes the world go round

So we finally booked a DJ this weekend. His name is Norman Anub. He is a San Jose native (went to Overfelt high school as a kid) and came very highly recommended by Debbie Sanchez, our coordinator at Fortino. He seems very nice, organized, and thorough. He had a big questionnaire that asked us all sorts of questions like Where did we meet? How did Jason propose? What were things we liked and didn't like about DJ's we had seen at weddings and other functions? He was very intereted in the kind of mood we wanted to create. He also said that it is important for him to know all this so that he could determine whether it was a good fit between us. Overall, I was very impressed and it gave me a whole new wave of exitement about the whole thing! Check out Norman at his website and tell me he doesn't seem awesome!

More to come so visit often.


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