Tuesday, November 25, 2008


With school, work, and the holidays coming up I guess I have been slacking on the blog here a little bit. So here are some updates. This last weekend I finally got to try on my dress and take it home with me! I will be doing some fittings later on but it is really exciting to finally have the dress in hand (although it is actually residing at my parents house for safekeeping). I found some awesome red shoes to go with the dress and I love them! We ordered the veil while we were there too. I was also able to book the florist and the photographer. We decided to go with local people for both. The best part is that both Diana (the florist) and Jesus (the photographer) have worked with Fortino's before so they know what to expect and have a working relationship with them! Although Jesus is just starting out doing weddings the pictures I have seen are beautiful and he describes his style as more candid than formal. His background is in sports photography so I am hoping that will translate into great authentic pictures for the wedding. Diana is obviously passionate about what she does and knows how to create the look we want for the ceremony and reception: simple and elegant. I am looking forward to working with them!

Until next time,
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!