Tuesday, November 25, 2008


With school, work, and the holidays coming up I guess I have been slacking on the blog here a little bit. So here are some updates. This last weekend I finally got to try on my dress and take it home with me! I will be doing some fittings later on but it is really exciting to finally have the dress in hand (although it is actually residing at my parents house for safekeeping). I found some awesome red shoes to go with the dress and I love them! We ordered the veil while we were there too. I was also able to book the florist and the photographer. We decided to go with local people for both. The best part is that both Diana (the florist) and Jesus (the photographer) have worked with Fortino's before so they know what to expect and have a working relationship with them! Although Jesus is just starting out doing weddings the pictures I have seen are beautiful and he describes his style as more candid than formal. His background is in sports photography so I am hoping that will translate into great authentic pictures for the wedding. Diana is obviously passionate about what she does and knows how to create the look we want for the ceremony and reception: simple and elegant. I am looking forward to working with them!

Until next time,
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Venue Information

So for those of you who don't know or who are not familiar with the area, I wanted to post a link to Fortino Winery website. There you can see what the venue will look like and find out a little about the winery. The people that we have been talking to have been great! It is a very family oriented business and the atmosphere is sophisticated without being stuffy. We are looking into reserving a block of rooms at one of the hotels nearby. I will post information on that when we get that settled.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I just heard from Jason that the Berkeley Wiedlins (Andy, Harue, Elena, Karina, and Ko) will be in Europe during the wedding! So sad! :-( Jason said that they booked their trip the day before the Save the Date card arrived at their house! Talk about bad luck! We will certainly miss their presence but I wish them a fun and exciting trip. I'm actually a little jealous to be honest...hehe.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wedding Party

I guess I should let you know who is in the wedding party huh?

Well we decided to keep it simple and have only one attendant each.

Jason's best man will be his brother Robby Wiedlin.

My Maid-of honor will be my sister Lauren Martinez.

My cousin Katie will be a junior bridesmaid, her sister Kelly is the flowergirl and Jason's cousin Ko is our ring-bearer.

My dad Rick will be walking me down the aisle and Daniel Appelbaum will be our officiant.

Registry Information

We are currently in the process of opening up some gift registries. Of course we only request your presence at our wedding but I know that most people will want to give us a token of their affection. To make it easier on you, we have set up registries at Macy's, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and TheBigDay.com. The first two are traditional registries which can be accessed by clicking on the links or by going to a local store. The third is a honeymoon registry. Like a traditional registry, there is an itemized list of gifts, however, the difference is that instead of giving a toaster or something, you would be giving us activities to do on our honeymoon. If you don't know, Jason and I are going to Hawaii and will be staying at Kahana Beach Resort in Maui. There are many wonderful things to do in Hawaii like snorkeling, hiking, eating at gourmet restaurants, etc. Your gifts from the honeymoon registry will help us make our trip exciting and memorable. For example, you can purchase a romantic dinner for two at a five star restaurant nearby or a snorkeling adventure on a catamaran. There are many options to choose from and each gift will ensure that our first few days of wedded bliss will be filled with excitement and romance. If you have any questions about the registries please contact the maid-of-honor or the Mother of the Bride.

Wedding Blog

So I decided to create a blog that I will use to communicate with my family and friends about our upcoming wedding. I will be posting information about registries, showers, parties, and other stuff so that people can be involved in the process. Hurray!